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Spicing up [open] - Naeemah - 08-14-2018

The road was filled with noise coming from every direction; hooves were clattering against the stone, foals were playfully neighing and occasionally horses calling each other. Passing through the middle of the boulevard, Naeemah lost herself in the various sounds. Memories from her past sprung up and a smile graced her face as she remembered the moments she missed greatly. She could spend the whole day observing busy areas and listening to voices. Laughs which foals around her emitted merged with the ones from her mind. It was as if she was returning to the past; specifically to the day she took her sister to the market for the first time. It was busy since a local circus was in town at the time. The day was spent wandering around, tasting various fruits from other parts of the country. Her eyes watered and lips twitched at the memory.

Are you okay? She blinked away the pictures filling her mind and glanced down at her companion. The fox knew what was going on. It will be all right. No more words were needed; those four were said without a trace of doubt. The mare nodded at him and inhaled deeply, focusing on the present. It was easy to do so since her nostrils were immediately filled with scents coming from a nearby stall with spices. The air around her was rich with the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg. Full of delight, she wandered closer to the stall where the seller, an old grey mare, soon saw her and started offering her products. Do you have to go close to those smelly things? Naeemah laughed as Mojo sneezed: he wasn't fond of strong smells. The mare thanked the seller and continued on with her walk, fox following her close by.

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