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Angie design shop - Angie - 08-09-2018

Hello, hello! I am Angie and I like to make designs. I only sell premade designs currently on free to use lines from on DA. However, even so I do take design suggestions.

I do have a few rules about my designs.
1. No selling for real money. (This includes selling breedings)
2. Give me credit for the design.
3. You are allowed to take the design anywhere and even revamp as long as the first two rules are followed.

The price: 25 shards (might also do design trades so just ask) FREE to help site become more active

The designs: 



#3 - TAKEN by Olive








How to buy: please buy/claim by posting below which one you would like and send shards. First come first serve. Please send all shards to this account.

RE: Angie design shop - Angie - 08-12-2018

Free designs. Sometimes I just slap together colors and don't put any effort into them so for when I do these designs are free. Just follow the same rules as above.




RE: Angie design shop - Angie - 10-15-2018

As of Oct 15, 2018 I have made all my designs currently posted free.

RE: Angie design shop - Olive - 10-15-2018

Great job on these designs. I specifically like 1, 3, and 10. Can I adopt 3 please?

RE: Angie design shop - Angie - 10-15-2018

Yes of course you may.